This is mostly privat and older projects. For info about what I do at Capgemini, check my LinkedIn page

A sample action for Google Assistant
A webapp that lets you display your own or someone else's listening stats
Blow up the rockets before they hit the groundup. Not at all finished so only touch supported.
A web app for uploading pictures and connect them to a location. Read explanation here
Made a REST-client example in PHP for consuming's real-estate api
Did the frontend and backend coding on this site back in 2015
React, Backbone, node and sockets playground
Development and design of my photostory site
Did the frontend and backend coding on this site. (2013)
Did frontend and general system development.
Developed an iOS application for DNB's Tipsflyt
Developed a mobile/tablet version of the website
Designed and developed a responsive website for a musician (2013)
Calculators, banners, map-tools and mobile webapps for CRM